Research Interests

Key Words: Artificial Intelligence, Multiagent Systems, Planning and Control, Emergent Behaviour, Mathematical Interaction Modelling

I am interested in issues and effects arising from the continual change of interaction rules between self-interested agents. To capture, analyse and engineer these effects, I work with a wide range of techniques from the fields of control theory, machine learning, and game theory.

Most recently my research began to focus on how information affects interaction, and how it may be used as a means of control. This line of research is strongly linked to scarce resource allocation under adversarial stress, e.g. security.


<new> PhD positions are available, supported by scholarships that include a monthly stipend and tuition fees, with the "Choice Manipulation and Security Games" project. PhD starting date is either January 2018 or August 2018, and the former is preferred.

  • The deadline for January 2018 intake applications in 31st of July 2017
  • To apply do two step:
    • Notify me by e-mail: <my first name> @
    • Apply via the on-line system at

Watch this space for research/grant related announcements.

Short Bio

I am currently settling into a position of an Assistant Professor at the School of Computer Science and Engineering of the Nanyang Technological University.

Where I have moved from the Research and Development Department of Mobileye Vision Technologies Ltd.

Before that, I have concluded a Postdoctoral Researcher appointment at the Department of Computer Science at the Bar-Ilan University. The project was financed by the GM Advanced Research Centre.

My even earlier appointment was with the School of Electronics and Computer Sciences at the University of Southampton, where I was a Research Fellow affiliated with the IAM Group (now succeeded by the Agents, Interaction and Complexity Research Group).

Ph.D. in Computer Science was conferred on me by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 2008, based on my thesis. My M.Sc. thesis and undergrad studies in Computer Sciences and Mathematics were also completed at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.